Friday, March 26, 2010

Why didn't anyone tell me that Life has so many moving parts

I enjoy reading other peoples blogs. I learn a lot about people that I would have no way of knowing otherwise. Not necessarily specific people because I may never read anything about that person again. I just like reading about people in general. Sometimes it's just a glimmer into another life, are they like me are they not like me. Sometimes I can relate, sometimes I can't.  Sometimes I glean the satisfaction that I'm not alone in this world and other times I end up wondering what in the world is going on and where have I been? Many times I'm able to gain perspective on a subject that I never looked at from that specific point of view. 

On some occasions, if the post is moving enough, I read the comments as well. I learn a lot there too. Some topics are very controversial and stir up all sorts of emotions. It baffles me though how not many of the people responding are willing to realize that they just read someone else's feelings, how are they able to judge how someone else FEELS. Sometimes there are actual objections to a person's emotions and why they should feel differently.  Who do those people think they are? Perhaps that gives me my drama for the day, although I do give pause and wonder how the blogger might feel about those comments.

I love the blog world, if offers insight, imagination, confirmation, rationalization, differentiation and occasionally drama.

 Most of all, I've realized that life truly does have a lot of moving parts.

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