Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fickle Faerie Eco Friendly Reuseable bags

I'm LOVING these Fickle Faerie Eco Friendly produce bags! I despise those think grocery store plastic bags that hold moisture, these are reuseable and washable. I'm definitely adding them to Look for them soon!

This is the product description:
Give this great gift and show you care about the enviroment. Put an end to all the unwanted plastic in our dumps......

This set of bags is extra strong and will last a long long time. I have doubled the nylon mesh PLUS I have also double stitched everything.

This is an EGGPLANT gift set complete with:

-2 Large sized nylon produce bags, approx size 11" x 13"

-2 Medium sized bags approx. 9" x 11"

-2 mini singles great for 1 or 2 items like a tomato, kiwi, lemon, etc, approx 6" x 7"

- 1 drawstring pouch to carry them in, pouch carry bag "will vary" in print but I will match the color with your produce bags....

I can honestly say these are the best things I could make! I used them myself and will never ever go back to clear plastic produce bags. No more fighting to get the bags open, and imagine all the plastic bags getting dump everyday!!!

My satin ribbons and the way they draw from both sides fo the bags, make these the easiest closing bags ever! So much easier than rope ties on one side of the bag that stick when you tug them closed.

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