Monday, March 8, 2010

Busy, Busy

Wow, so much to do. I feel accomplished for the evening but I can't get my brain to slow down so I can sleep a few hours before the kiddos get up and need to be packed up for school! Let's see in the last 12 hours I put together a revamp of the home page, updated twitter and connected to facebook, set up a mamasandmunchkins/ BellaUrbane fan page on facebook, Updated Bella Urbane profile with new links, began working with web designer on new logos for the other two sites and color schemes to keep consistency. I worked on some test socks to see how they wash and made some hair clips. Oh, I also made two more necklaces. Here are the hair clips:
What else? Who knows, I can't remember. Off to try to sleep now. I sent my web designer 8 bullet points to work on, now all I'll do is go over it in my head to assure myself I don't need to change anything else TODAY. Sleep, please come quickly.