Saturday, February 20, 2010

What? WHY?

Why do people like to belittle people and when they do it seems like they are doing it for no reason other than to just to be mean? In addition to selling diaper bags at and my new jewelry line in the etsy Bellaurbane shop I occasionally sell things on ebay to clear out older inventory or to sell things I've bought that are just cluttering up around here (meaning I should never have bought it in the first place).

Last week I sold an item right before the long weekend, last Monday was Presidents day. The person paid on Thursday night and sent a message on Friday asking how quickly I could ship. I mentioned that I woudln't be able to ship until Tuesday because my kids were home from school and the post office would be closed on Monday, I hoped that would be ok. So, I shipped Tuesday as promised and the item arrived on Friday so basically 5 business days after payment (it was a first class, 4 oz lunch box item). The person immediately left negative feedback and made a comment that said "buyer beware". Why? I sent a message immediately saying it was unfair and would they please revisit their comment. They then left me  a message that it was their duty to inform the public that there are sellers out there who are unethical. WHAT? Who does this. It's mean, it's random, it damages someone elses reputation. The onlyt reason you do something like that is to hurt someone's reputation intentionally. On ebay there is no seller recourse, you can't leave negative feedback for the buyer. It delivered one week after payment, could it have delivered faster? Sure but it was a first class item and I state in my auctions that I normally ship one to two business days after payment. Gah! Frustrating and now my feedback percentage looks awful.

oh well, for fun here's another new piece:



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